Emergency services solutions

- Navigation systems specifically developed for emergency services : CityGIS Navigator

- ABI-integration : More efficient performance on the spot due to realtime information: hydrants, intervention plans...

- EDL-integration : The CityNavigator integrates realtim dynamic traffic-information

- Show intervention vehicles that are also assigned to the active incident on the map

- Teams can respond quicker, safer and more efficient


- City surveillance

- Temporary obeservation of mass events

- Unmanned observation systems e.g. realtime thermal I/R

- Mobile observation systems


The H.E.M.S. (M.U.G.) -helicopter of AZ Sint-Jan Hospital/I.M.D.H. in Bruges has a new GPS guidance system in use since august 2005. By sending the incident location wireless from the emergency center directly to the helicopter the pilot and his crew can pinpoint and find their locations faster. The system is unique in Europe. As a result of it's succes it was later emplemented in ambulances and firebrigade vehicles.