digital observation platforms

High-end Digital observation platforms with integrated image analysis.

Alert messages can be sent via TETRA / SMS / GPRS / UMTS , ...

Custom developments are availlable on demand.


Crowd Management applications : Festivals, manifestations, ...

- Terra 3D incident management system @ Rock Werchter 2010 world premiere (see article '100000 3D world premier Werchter)

- Emergency services benifit from realtime situational awareness

- Display realtime position of emergency personnel on the 3D representation of the festival area

- Guide emergency personnel via TETRA terminal location interface protocol ( L.I.P.) towards incident locations

- Each video-pixel from a camera view generates a 3D GPS-coordinate ( Lat-Lon-Height )



Mobile video observation systems ex. In-vehicle video recording- and transmission systems.


Advantages :

- Low-latency

- Miniature size

- includes bidirectional audio support

- includes GPS positioning of mobile units

- Runs 4 hours on internal battery - can be powered via exterrnal power source



Observation systems federal & local police forces.
H.E.M.S. (M.U.G.) helicopters AZ Sint-Jan Brugge & Bra-sur-Lienne.
Fire departments : Brussels, Antwerp, Knokke-Heist, Zele, Genk, ...
Port of Zeebrugge - Digital observation platorm - 80 cameras

Festival Rock Werchter 2005 - 2010:

solution provider of the high-end digital observation sytem


Festival Pukkelpop 2009 - 2010:

solution provider of the high-end digital observation sytem